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Parent & Carer Group

" informal network of support, advice and guidance".

Each and every one of our students has experienced some form of adversity and often, it’s the parents and carers who shoulder a lot of the pressure and stress. 

Our Parent & Carer Group is run by parents, for parents and is designed to be an informal network of support, advice and guidance. Parents and carers who make use of the meetings, can empathise with and support each other due to their common experiences. The group is run independently of the school, operated and Chaired by a current parent. 

The Group use the school’s facilities to meet once per month, during the school day and often, members of staff from a range of areas within the school are invited to meet with the group and discuss arising issues and new initiatives or to just mingle and chat. For information on joining the Group, please contact school reception.

The Dates for the Parent/Carer Group 2019/2020 are:


Wednesday        25th September                May Room


Friday                    8th November                 May Room


Wednesday        20th November                 Elliott Room


Friday                    6th December               Elliott Room


Wednesday        22nd January                     May Room


Friday                    28th February                  May Room


Wednesday        25th March                         Elliott Room


Friday                    24th April                          May Room


Wednesday        3rd June                              May Room


Friday                    3rd July                              May Room